1st workshop / CENTQUATRE, Paris
From 5th to 11th January 2009: first period of training organized at CENTQUATRE

2nd workshop / PACT Zollverein, Essen
From 27th May to 1st June: second period of training organized at PACT Zollverein

3rd workshop / CalArts, Valencia
From 11th to 17th October: third period of training organized at CalArts

Paris / Essen / Los Angeles

Offered jointly by CENTQUATRE (Paris) and PACT Zollverein (Essen), the program Feldstärke International provides the opportunity to arts students from all disciplines (design, dance, cinema, circus arts, landscape art, visual and plastic arts, music, video, theatre, numeric arts), to work in closer collaboration.
The program is hosted for one week at each of the partners’ venues: at CENTQUATRE, at PACT Zollverein and finally at a third partner’s venue, which changes every year. For its first year, Feldstärke International invited the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, Los Angeles to join the program. Thus, Feldstärke International 2009 brought together 49 students: 20 from German schools, 18 from French schools and 10 from CalArts.

- -
The program Feldstärke International takes place in the Artention France-Nordrhein-Westfalen 2008/2009 season, with the support of Nordrhein-Westfalen's Land. It is supported by the Office Franco-Allemand pour la Jeunesse (Ofaj) and the Holiday Inn Express*** Paris-Canal de la Villette. In Los Angeles, the project was supported by the Goethe Institut-Los Angeles, as well as the Cultural Services of the French and the German Consulates in Los Angeles by means of the French-German Fund.

Monday, December 7

Monday, November 23

Feldstärke International 09 Group Show at CalArts

24700 interviewed Martin Kersels, co-director of the Program of Art at CalArts.

New set of photos

© Scott Groller and Steve Gunther

Friday, October 30

Chichinette in Hollywood

The incredible hand-made Greilhünd bus tour on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, followed by the Chichinette playing the bassoon, with special guests Elvis Presley, Wonder Woman and Jack Sparrow.

This is what did Ariel Boroff, Clarence Boulay, Semiramis Ceylan, Dylan Corlay and Antonin Crenn during Feldstärke number 3, in CalArts. We had a great time !

The Vault

The Vault project is born after several discussions about visas, travel, and the difficulties to cross frontiers. We create sort of a box, that would carry a camera, and a sound recorder. This box is made to be sent to someone that will use the stuffs inside before he send it, in another location, in another country. The inner clock of this box is the 24 pictures that could be taken. After this, the last person will send it back in the 104, Paris. This box, The Vault, is a way of carrying some political, cultural and human materials. Utopic idea of creating a device that could cross any border and help the transmission of any message.

The vidéo has been made with TV footage. It's kind of flash forward. A way of imagine this Vault many years laters. After it evolved, and transformed itself into a autonomous machine.
Where is it ? What does it look like ? What's inside ? Which informations ?
The idea was to make this artefact, or "pandora box", something scary, that is now out of control.

Project by Lily Whitsitt, Daniel Hofer & Jean Baptiste Saurel
Video : JB saurel
Music : Bijan Tavili ©

Friday, July 10

A great selection of photos from Dirk Rose at PACT Zollverein

Click on the image below to see all the photographs.

Monday, July 6

glück auf: the tunnel

from the outside of the tunnel

Friday, June 5

Wednesday, June 3

Lapin! (Group 2)

 There are two worlds, one above and the other hidden below.  The verticality and opposition that connects these worlds is linked by the earth in between. 

- industry
- nature
- coal
- suicide rabbit.

The things we found today

Walking around the PACT and just being curious, and finding things : rusty abandonned objects, parts of machines which don't work anymore. Things remaining from the past, from the Antic Times, when the chocolate factory which recently turned into PACT was still running ; when the whole area was surrounded by water ; when people were still speaking ancient greek, and had to make their daily chocolate-working lives into sea-side fishing lives.
We learnt a lot about History today.

the things we said and did today


11:16 am clarence: maybe we will have very long hats

12:33 pm semi: isn't this beautiful?

1:38 pm julia: which gold pen is the most brilliant?

2:58 pm judith: clarence, do you want to start with the hats?

3:00 pm antonin: tu viens juste de l'acheter

3:01 pm clarence: i think it's 56, but you have to check

3:24 pm vincent: this afternoon? outside?

4:58 pm semi: we'll do this in english. (a few moments later) a very soft stone that you can treat with normal tools

6:03 pm antonin: twenty hats!

6:04 pm semi: there's of course this one


clarence: sewed orange cloth

judith: measured our heads

julia: recorded clarence sewing

semi: collected projectors

vincent: collected cardboard boxes

antonin: wrote out an imaginary language

Thursday, March 26

"Essayer de trouver la guerre

I created this Footage / Work within the Framework of the Idea to our (Group 8) "Café de la Guerre". After the term "war" ws so present during our process setting up the Café, I decided to leave the 104 on my own to find any kind of "war".
Since the war, for most of us namely has become so present, but luckily still an abstract term, I found myself in a situation where I wanted to comprehend the term in any way, by giving the term a face. The limitation of time while "Feldstärke" gave this approach a rather sketchy character.

My View on our "Café de la Guere"

This is my view on our "CafÉ de la Guerre" Instalation includeing the presentation of my "Café's" Videoprojection.

Wednesday, January 21

Saturday, January 10










Thursday, January 8

Head, by Tim

This is a song.

Day ???, pace is rising...

Hello world,
Here are some late news from very full, not clear but determined heads. Time and space perception is changing, quantity of done things is growing, and quantity of things to do even more.
The Number helps for colors The Number helps for dissections The Number helps for books The Number helps for busses The Number helps for routes The Number helps for travels The Number helps for videos The Number helps for sleeping......
Aleigh, Valerie, Clarence, Antonin and Etienne.

BEAT 104

I was just thinking about catching the rythm of the 104, beating 104 on a metronom.
The beat of jam session in the Marché Riquet, catching energies, the rythm of a place.
Kicking in reality, drift frequency. Scott wants to put a radio outside of the 104.
It's all about links, vibrators,transducers taking temperature of an already boiling situation, performance situation.
A TV monitor, slow motions of dancers.
Headphones. Discovering the true waves, low frequency of one's music (David Zerbib).
Catch the experience.

Sun and cold, not bad, few times in circles turned and words lost - not regained. Therefore it is like it is, and it becomes better.

Totally Secret Thursday

What a day!!! We shoot video and took picture for 5 hours at a secret beautiful building!

There, we truly feel as if we have travelled back on time. The architecture strongly inspires us and we enjoy being there. Here is some documentation of our fun.

Polina, Mai and Julia (and certainly Daniel)

Fighting cold

Idea n°1, so you can get warmer.
(It work better if you're angry about yourself)
I think we should share tricks about the cold problem.

Wednesday 8th - A threat in the air.

"Damn..." she said. And she was quite right about it.
"Damn too " I said, but I was too late.
Things are happening, danger is crossing the walls, a threat is knocking at concrete, looking for a way to extend itself through our lines.
"Damn..." she said, and I realise she has a really good timing for her "Damn". Anyway, there was these red-head things, pretty small, and we couldn't say if they were actually moving. They had burn this bike in like an hour or less, like a swarm of ants. So what is it all about ? Are these thing multiplying ? Are we surrounded by them, what are they about to do ? Get rid of the whole place ? Do they choose their victims ?

I guess after a large consideration of "what danger could actually be dangerous for the site", we came to some sort of "what could be dangerous to us ?" to some kind of "what danger ?" to something like "why are you laughing ?" to, finally, "I like your smile, let's make some more". I guess some of us are taking risks. For real. I can say : there is still blood on our table and one of my fellow partners is blind since we've made a bottle explode. Risks, you know. Some of us are having joke about it, and it makes me wonder that humour, in somehow, is frequently based on fear. Isn't buster Keaton so funny and scary at the same time ? Are we not making our worst joke when we feel some tension in the air ? That's the deepest thought I could find for now but the girls in my team are going to do something about it. Damn.

For now, watch your steps, you could get burn.

And please,
try to warn the security guards if you see more of these red-heads stuffs walking around.


trying to sense the rythm of the neighbourhood of 104 we did some try outs during the last days:

Rythm 1

Rythm 2

Rythm 3

Nice to meet you.
Actually...you know...very good

Et que ce se passerait-il si deux saxophonistes (Julien et Yoann) et une graphiste (Cléa) faisaient...
Et que se passerait-il si nous changions les codes d'une image? d'un son? 
Et que se passerait-il si nous déplacions un morceau du code du son ou de l'image A dans un son ou une image  B? Et si nous mixions A et B?

Hasard, hasard.....
ET quand le hasard fait bien les choses...


Nice to meet you

Wednesday, January 7

prepping our film

Instead of exploring the close neighbourhood of 104, parts of group 7 experienced other areas of the 19th arrondissement and found awesome locations for their upcoming film project. Furthermore, we all enjoyed very much the cold but also very sunny weather. tmrw we will finally and hopefully shoot the rest of our movie and start to edit it.
Was a good day!

GROUP 3 in coupé-décalé

We decided to consider the word and concept "coupé-décalé", corresponding to style african music which appeared in 2003, as an artistical-poetical concep to produce texts, sounds, objects etc.
décaler : to bring forward
to put / move back
to move something forward
to move something back
shift forward
bring forward (it's still back and forward, rewind like in a slow motion
shift back
put back

Coupé-décalé is also a section of rythm
using drumsticks

it's sex and money

Day 3_Group 6

abandoned christmas trees from Simon Rouby on Vimeo.
Wondering around for Abandoned christmas trees. Also found abandoned people. Minus 10 celsius.

group 4

works with shadows...

mission La Louptière Thénard

A l'attention de la commune de La Louptière Thénard la note d'aujourd'hui est en français.

Aujourd'hui; notre recherche du chiffre 104 nous a mené à la rencontre du code postal 10400.
10400? Ou le nom de code du village de La Louptière Thénard (Aube).
Notre voyage fera l'objet d'un road-movie à travers la campagne enneigée, de Paris à La Louptière via la gare de Nogent-sur-Seine, avec quelques détours imprévus...
Chaque détour, même imprévu, est l'occasion d'une rencontre : c'est exactement ce que nous cherchions dans cette "Aventure": LE HASARD COMME REGLE, la règle du hasard.

Nous avions toutefois un but: conclure un partenariat "entre le 104 à Paris et le 10400 dans l'Aube".
C'est maintenant chose faite: Monsieur le Maire a accepté le titre de Parrain symbolique de cet échange "chiffresque".
Merci à lui !!

Today's note was in French to be understood by the inhabitants of La Louptière Thénard, a village in Aube that we have just discovered.
Our research of the Number 104 made us meet the postal code "10400" which is the one of this town. We wanted to know more about it and its inhabitants, so we took the train and then hitch-hiked to there, in order to talk with the Major. Each event of our trip, even non wanted, was part of our "road-movie". Each of these "adventures" was on opportunity for a meeting, which was exactly our goal.
Our mission was achieved, concluding a partnership between "the 104 in Paris and the 10400 in Aube". The Mayor accepted to encourage us for this work : thanks to him !

(this was group 9 : Aleigh, Antonin, Clarence, Valerie, Etienne)

working in the fridge

gloves are not enough to keep yourself warm









and press the button

After a little discussion about our coffee project, we moved out to discover 19th and 20th arrondissements. It was aoutside day and it was pleasant to walk in the street and see different landscapes under the snow.
Aujourd'hui le programme était libre, chacun a suivit son propre chemin. Avec un petit groupe de dix personnes nous avons déambulé dans les rues enneigées des 19 et 20 arrondissement.


Day 2:

Group 6

Salle 200...

A big improvisation with projections, drawing, dancing, and the most experimental bassoon sounds.

We don't know where we are going, and that's what is good about it.

Tuesday, January 6

Café La Guerre - Groupe 8 Lives

Le Cafè La Guerre was established today to get into business tomorow in the afternoon. A Platform. Getting inspired by people. Passersbys. Artists. Each of them. Just because they express themselves in their own speacial way, whatever it might be. Do they know about that ? Do they care. Will they step inside? One thing they surely can't resits will definetly be a more or less delicicious cup of "Free Coffee".
Let's see what will happend. To be continued.....