1st workshop / CENTQUATRE, Paris
From 5th to 11th January 2009: first period of training organized at CENTQUATRE

2nd workshop / PACT Zollverein, Essen
From 27th May to 1st June: second period of training organized at PACT Zollverein

3rd workshop / CalArts, Valencia
From 11th to 17th October: third period of training organized at CalArts

Paris / Essen / Los Angeles

Offered jointly by CENTQUATRE (Paris) and PACT Zollverein (Essen), the program Feldstärke International provides the opportunity to arts students from all disciplines (design, dance, cinema, circus arts, landscape art, visual and plastic arts, music, video, theatre, numeric arts), to work in closer collaboration.
The program is hosted for one week at each of the partners’ venues: at CENTQUATRE, at PACT Zollverein and finally at a third partner’s venue, which changes every year. For its first year, Feldstärke International invited the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, Los Angeles to join the program. Thus, Feldstärke International 2009 brought together 49 students: 20 from German schools, 18 from French schools and 10 from CalArts.

- -
The program Feldstärke International takes place in the Artention France-Nordrhein-Westfalen 2008/2009 season, with the support of Nordrhein-Westfalen's Land. It is supported by the Office Franco-Allemand pour la Jeunesse (Ofaj) and the Holiday Inn Express*** Paris-Canal de la Villette. In Los Angeles, the project was supported by the Goethe Institut-Los Angeles, as well as the Cultural Services of the French and the German Consulates in Los Angeles by means of the French-German Fund.

Monday, December 7

Monday, November 23

Feldstärke International 09 Group Show at CalArts

24700 interviewed Martin Kersels, co-director of the Program of Art at CalArts.

New set of photos

© Scott Groller and Steve Gunther

Friday, October 30

Chichinette in Hollywood

The incredible hand-made Greilhünd bus tour on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, followed by the Chichinette playing the bassoon, with special guests Elvis Presley, Wonder Woman and Jack Sparrow.

This is what did Ariel Boroff, Clarence Boulay, Semiramis Ceylan, Dylan Corlay and Antonin Crenn during Feldstärke number 3, in CalArts. We had a great time !

The Vault

The Vault project is born after several discussions about visas, travel, and the difficulties to cross frontiers. We create sort of a box, that would carry a camera, and a sound recorder. This box is made to be sent to someone that will use the stuffs inside before he send it, in another location, in another country. The inner clock of this box is the 24 pictures that could be taken. After this, the last person will send it back in the 104, Paris. This box, The Vault, is a way of carrying some political, cultural and human materials. Utopic idea of creating a device that could cross any border and help the transmission of any message.

The vidéo has been made with TV footage. It's kind of flash forward. A way of imagine this Vault many years laters. After it evolved, and transformed itself into a autonomous machine.
Where is it ? What does it look like ? What's inside ? Which informations ?
The idea was to make this artefact, or "pandora box", something scary, that is now out of control.

Project by Lily Whitsitt, Daniel Hofer & Jean Baptiste Saurel
Video : JB saurel
Music : Bijan Tavili ©

Friday, July 10

A great selection of photos from Dirk Rose at PACT Zollverein

Click on the image below to see all the photographs.

Monday, July 6

glück auf: the tunnel

from the outside of the tunnel