1st workshop / CENTQUATRE, Paris
From 5th to 11th January 2009: first period of training organized at CENTQUATRE

2nd workshop / PACT Zollverein, Essen
From 27th May to 1st June: second period of training organized at PACT Zollverein

3rd workshop / CalArts, Valencia
From 11th to 17th October: third period of training organized at CalArts

Paris / Essen / Los Angeles

Offered jointly by CENTQUATRE (Paris) and PACT Zollverein (Essen), the program Feldstärke International provides the opportunity to arts students from all disciplines (design, dance, cinema, circus arts, landscape art, visual and plastic arts, music, video, theatre, numeric arts), to work in closer collaboration.
The program is hosted for one week at each of the partners’ venues: at CENTQUATRE, at PACT Zollverein and finally at a third partner’s venue, which changes every year. For its first year, Feldstärke International invited the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, Los Angeles to join the program. Thus, Feldstärke International 2009 brought together 49 students: 20 from German schools, 18 from French schools and 10 from CalArts.

- -
The program Feldstärke International takes place in the Artention France-Nordrhein-Westfalen 2008/2009 season, with the support of Nordrhein-Westfalen's Land. It is supported by the Office Franco-Allemand pour la Jeunesse (Ofaj) and the Holiday Inn Express*** Paris-Canal de la Villette. In Los Angeles, the project was supported by the Goethe Institut-Los Angeles, as well as the Cultural Services of the French and the German Consulates in Los Angeles by means of the French-German Fund.

Tuesday, January 6

Café La Guerre - Groupe 8 Lives

Le Cafè La Guerre was established today to get into business tomorow in the afternoon. A Platform. Getting inspired by people. Passersbys. Artists. Each of them. Just because they express themselves in their own speacial way, whatever it might be. Do they know about that ? Do they care. Will they step inside? One thing they surely can't resits will definetly be a more or less delicicious cup of "Free Coffee".
Let's see what will happend. To be continued.....


6. 01. 09 We're managing to find the rythm. Maybe using a radio and african music, under statistical snowflakes, doubtfully. We are just looking for something real, that is something that implicate a non-artistical phenomenon. A slow motion of our combined realities, passing a baton, a drumstick, a glut of feelings, playing with walkie talkies, create the rules of the game. Marché Riquet. Maybe this is our passerelle to reality.

Trying to meet the Number...

Today was about finding ways to meet one specific Number we are looking for.
Of course this Number is 104, or 1-0-4.

We just thought about this strange name for an artistic place, or further, for a building. It is both a name and a non-name : 104 can be plenty of other things that a name for this place. It can be other places. It can be an abstract Number. It can be an account, the result of an addition. It can be time. It can be people too.
We are now asking the connection between this Number and how to use it as a way to meet people and to share our work with them.

All of us think that we need to make fun to be efficient in our work. Our work is about being open to each meeting, to go where we think a meeting with this Number is possible, and to provoke the meeting. The more pictures, notes, video, sounds or whatever, we collect, the more interesting will be the collection of them, and the more easy-to-understand will be the link between them. We just want to trust the chance.

The only danger for us is to become obsessed with this Number and to see it erverywhere...

Tomorrow we are going to find as much as "104" we can find in the city.
We will also discover how "104" can be connected with other places out of Paris. We will go to a little town in Aube, one hour by train from Paris. This town seems to have a very specific relationship with the Number... We have to explore that.

This is group 9 : Aleigh, Antonin, Clarence, Etienne, Valerie.

Si l'esprit est la, deplace le verre

This morning, we spent more time drinking coffee, trying to stay warm, and discussing how to incorporate all our working methods into our collaborations. Where does it fall, on the spectrum between improvisation and conceptually driven work?

We discussed criticality in the place of our artwork concerning 104. It seems that other groups work on projects based on criticism of the institution. Perhaps if we work with the historical specificity of the building, we can talk about something else. So we discussed the morgue, and though perhaps we can contact the spirits of the dead people on video.

No spirits would talk to us, but the video is good, a funny document of the working process of this collaboration, its strengths and shortcomings.

Later in the afternoon, we drank more coffee and experimented with video projects, recording a scene and then projecting the scene onto its contents, while they carry out a different narrative.

Visually, it can be something strong, and we decided to all search for an application within the institution and the neighborhood.

Also, the 104 gave us use of a wall in the building. We are making a plan.

Happy Kids Play Outside!

Group # 2 [Day 2 ]


art ...inside/outside
feet...are they dead?
mind...turn around
rework ...near the concentration?

There is no feeling left in our hands and yet our minds are full. The cold weather outside did not stop our process, today infact quite the opposite! The power of the mind and body can work in many conditions.

turning red head <<<<<

Searching for Danger. . .

What is dangerous?

- the neighborhood?
- explosives?
- guns?
- drugs?
- terrorism?
- scientific testing?
- speaking another language?
- fear?
- cold?
- 104?

Today we decided to work more with our hands. . .
An army of matches, on their way to combustion;
A woman with a gun;
A knife covered in sugar;
A person avoiding the camera;
An improvised song & dance (Tarantino as an inspiration).

It is cold. Even inside the 104. We are having trouble holding the match sticks and the sugar.

We met boys from the neighborhood. They asked us about our burnt bike and plastic gun. And they asked what we were doing. One boy said his gun at home was bigger than ours. We asked them if they passed through the 104 often, and one boy said it was the quickest way between his house and where he was going.